Saturday, July 12, 2014

My newest last, the pantry!!

I haven't been posting much because my attention has been diverted to a very important project. We spent last weekend planning and buying all the wood we needed for the pantry shelves, and I've spent all week with it splayed out in the garage priming and painting it all. 

When we built this house over eight years ago, I opted to not use the laundry room as a laundry room, I wanted it specifically used as a pantry. It's the tiny room that sits to the right, just as you come in the door from the garage, it's also right next to the kitchen. I always wondered why anyone thought it was a good idea to carry dirty laundry through the food prep/eating area. So, I put my washer and dryer where I thought it should be, in my master bedroom closet, that is located right off from the master bath,  next to where we take those dirty clothes off.  

Back to the the builder then thought he was going to install wire shelves. I told him to leave the room completely empty, that I had other plans for this cute little space:) That was eight years ago and we are finally getting it done.


 I am so excited to finally get this done, it's going to look so nice!! 

I will keep you updated on the progress!


  1. I know you'll love having a great pantry that you designed yourself! Looking forward to the reveal when you're done.
    Mary Alice

    1. It's finally becoming a reality Mary Alice!! Thanks for visiting:)


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