Monday, July 7, 2014

Long relaxing weekend and an update on my newest French chair

I hope everyone enjoyed their long 4th of July weekend, our weather here was absolutely perfect! We played a little and worked a little, it was a perfect weekend to do both.

On Thursday we did a little shopping around for materials to start building my pantry shelves (yay!). I have been waiting for 8 years for this.........maybe, just maybe it will get done real soon! In the afternoon my husband installed a new screen door that he has been wanting forever! I was dragging my feet on that one, I didn't want a screen door to hide the pretties on my front door. But, with the weather as nice as it was, it sure let a beautiful breeze and light into our great room.

Friday we went to the parade and in the afternoon we spent with family, enjoying typical 4th of July food. 

On Saturday and Sunday we actually went and bought some of the wood for said pantry! Fingers crossed:)

The rest of the time we just putzed around, I love relaxing weekends, don't you?

I also got the finish stripped off of my French chair, I loved the patina so well and the look of the raw wood, I just decided to put a coat of wax on it. I thought putting a coat of poly on it would take away from the look that I wanted. 

Now all I have to do is decide what I'm going to reupholster the seat with, I can't find anything that's Wow-ing me. I think I'm just too picky!

So, I will keep browsing eBay and Etsy to find what I want.......only wish I knew what that was.
The chair is replacing an old ladder back in the master bath, I'm keeping this little cutie:)


  1. I'm sure that you'll find something wonderful for your cute chair! Sounds like you had a great long weekend...I love them, too :)

  2. It really is a cutie! Love that Frenchy goodness! I'm sure you'll find the perfect fabric.


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