Thursday, July 31, 2014

Banana Bread made with coconut oil, yummy!

Our grand daughter loves banana bread, I mean, she could eat a whole loaf by herself if I let her! When she spent the night on Wednesday I decided to surprise her and make some for dinner. Nothing shocking to most of you, but I don't bake unless it's a birthday cake or a holiday, and Paige knows that! I can bake and I love to bake, but since it's just my hubby and me at home these days, it's just not something we need. So you won't be reading a lot of posts on my blog about baking, but I did want to share this tip and my favorite banana bread recipe with you. 

I'm very health conscious, when it comes to nutrition I try my darnedest to make everything from scratch so it's not full of preservatives. I started using coconut oil in my cooking when a shortening or oil is needed because it's a healthier option. We started using coconut oil in place of canola oil for popping our popcorn and it is delicious! 

The last time I made Paige's banana bread I added 1/4 cup of coconut oil and 1/4 cup butter, I was afraid the banana bread would taste like coconut if I added the full amount. It was delicious, and no hint of coconut flavor.

Wednesday night when I made it I decided to use the full 1/2 cup of coconut oil, it was so good and still it didn't taste like coconut. Not that that's a bad thing, I love coconut, but I was afraid if I used it all the time everything I made would taste like coconut! 

I'm sharing Paige's banana bread recipe, it's in this recipe book that I got when we got married 40 years ago. Can you tell it was my favorite book? Lol, the cover is gone and the pages are well worn and stained, but it's the best banana bread recipe and it's the only one I've ever used.  

You can see that I have added my own notes, during those times when I had to improvise. The brown sugar makes the bread more moist I think. Whatever, it's just a good basic recipe, and it makes one delicious loaf. And I let those banana's get really, really ripe, the riper the banana the better the flavor! Tip: when your banana's start turning too dark and too mushy to eat, don't throw them away, stick them in the freezer just the way they are, and use them for baking.

I made two loaves of banana bread Wednesday, one to eat for dinner and one for Paige to take home:)

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