Monday, June 9, 2014

A family heirloom restored

Remember that "to do" list I posted about, well I have been working hard on getting things crossed off that list. One of those projects I needed to get done was this little table/plant stand that belonged to my husbands grandma. This little table has been in his family for a long time and he can still remember it sitting in his grandma's house when he was a little boy.

How wonderful is it to have these things that remind of us our loved ones, to be handed down to you? He wanted me to refinish it, no paint, I granted his wish and brought it back as he remembered.

The top of the table was pretty warped and it had been that way as long as my husband can remember. He offered to make a new top for it, but I wanted to keep the original if at all possible. I put two boards on the top and clamped it tight and left it that way for a few days. It helped a lot, but I decided to soak the top in some water overnight to see if I could get it a little straighter. I forgot to take a picture of the table top at it's worse (of course!)

I stripped the old finish off, which was pretty easy since there was almost no finish left on it, and then gave it a couple coats of water based poly.

This is the process I used to fix the warped top

(Forgive my teeny pictures, my blogger is acting up and won't let me post pictures like normal, tried to fix it but in vane:(

Hope you can see them.......

I stood it upside down in a sink of water, covering just the top

Then I clamped it and let it sit for three days

It did help a lot, it was much worse

This is what the finish looked like before I refinished it

Now it sits in our guest bedroom, a piece of my husbands fond memories of this little table that always sat in his grandmother's house, then to his mother's house. It always sat in my mother-in-laws dining room with a huge sprawling Philodendron cascading over the edges covering the spindly legs. Now it sits in our home, I love family heirlooms. 

Here is a much better photo of the table top

Another treasure restored.

I am currently working on another family treasure. Pics soon!


  1. You did a superb job restoring that sweet table. Family heirlooms are wonderful to have...a great connection to past generations.
    Mary Allice

    1. Thank you, we do have a lot of family heirlooms that I now decorate with. It's great to have these things to pass on.

  2. Anonymous8:17:00 AM

    I love being able to see the natural wood color, Rhonda. What a treasure, indeed!

    1. Yeah, now that I have everything the way I want it (almost:) I want to bring a few pieces of natural wood furniture in. I love family heirlooms:)

  3. What a beautiful piece! Thanx so much for sharing at THT. Please add a link back to the party when you get a chance.


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