Monday, June 16, 2014

My visit to Seville, Ohio's city wide garage sale

On Friday morning I headed down to Seville, Ohio for their city wide garage sale, they claim it's the biggest in the world. That's what the advertisement said that I ran across in the newspaper. Heck, Seville is only about an hour away and I'd never heard of this huge city wide garage sale, we've lived here for 20 years!

So I decided I would have to check it out.

I was amazed as I pulled into town, I had never seen so many garage sales in my life. Everyone was having one, and there were people everywhere. 

I had only been to Seville one other time, I was featuring and selling some of my work at one of the antique stores there. I was busy that day, I arrived at the store and went straight home at the end of a long day, so I didn't even see all that this little town had to offer. But as I walked the streets that day, going from sale to sale, it stopped being about the oddles of stuff for sale and more about the history of Seville for me.

Settled in 1816, this village is filled with beautiful century homes and their New England influence is evident in the architecture of the downtown buildings. These are beautiful old buildings, much of them housing antique stores ( there are many!!) with an old stone bridge that runs through Main Street. The buildings, still the same as they were when the town was built. I fell in love with it all. 

I was able to take some pictures as I went.....enjoy!

The shop that had all the above treasures for sale was closed.....darn!

This home just happens to be for sale:) behind it is a huge glorious barn that would be perfect for painting furniture galore!

So now I suppose you want to know what I found, well, I didn't have a lot of luck:( I was focused on finding some ironstone, furniture, and some antique linens. And this is what I found

One ironstone chamber pot

And a few antique linens

I didn't have a whole lot of luck T the garage sales, but I will be going back to Seville to visit all those little antique shops!


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    Hmmm...another place to take your friends shopping.


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