Monday, June 2, 2014

Getting the yard work done and enjoying the results!

It was another beautiful weekend here and we took advantage of it for sure. Friday night my husband and I got the mulching done and celebrated a job well done with a nice meal on the deck and a bottle of wine.

Saturday morning we made another trip to the flea market and I had some success finding more things for our store and something awesome for myself:) more on that later! 

We also made another trip to the garden center for a couple of hanging baskets, I love shopping for flowers to hang around the yard. 
We got a good start on the yard work but we still have lots to do, it just takes time. All of my projects have been put on hold for the weekend, and I have plenty now and I can't wait to share them with you.

Meanwhile, I can enjoy our beautiful yard

We planted two Hydraenga bushes to replace the ones that died this winter, but I finally got my Hydraenga's! My husband and I do all the yard work, planting, and care of the yard ourselves, so a lot of times it's a hit and miss type of thing. We learn as we go, move things if we need to, I think every year we add new plants to the landscape. It's pretty satisfying when you do things yourself, seeing the results of hard work.

Everything is finally starting to come alive

The Peonies are getting ready to bloom

I love fresh mulch

I have to include a picture of this memorial in our front garden, given to us by our wonderful friends when my husband's mother (my beautiful mother-in-law) passed away. I think of her and the generosity of our friends every time I look at it:)

I'm sorry if I bore you with my yard photos, but I am very proud of the work that we put in, for two people who really know nothing about landscaping, we do a pretty good job! 


  1. Your yard looks great!!! We need all new landscaping done around our house. I love looking at your pictures.

  2. Anonymous7:42:00 AM

    Are you crazy? I love seeing what you've done! And, it looks amazing.

  3. You yard is should be proud!!! I find working in the yard is so therapeutic. Reminds me I need to get out and trim some shrubs today. I love seeing the fresh gardens in the spring when everything looks so green and lush.
    Mary Alice

  4. Thank you Chateau Chic, you are so right about yard work being therapeutic! It does the soul good to get out and dig in the dirt, and the results are so satisfying.......most of the time, lol! Thank you for stopping by!

  5. Beautiful yard! I wish mine looked half as good! I so do need to get some mulch, yours makes the plants really stand out proud!

  6. Thank you Crochet Hooks, like I said, it's a hit or miss when we plant something! If it works and doesn't die we do a happy dance, if it doesn't work or dies, we plant something in it's place. So far so good! Thank you for your wonderful comment and for your visit!

  7. i love fresh mulch, too, it's amazing the difference it makes. enjoy!

    1. I wish it could just look this good all the time:) thanks for visiting my blog Cape on the Corner:)


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