Sunday, June 15, 2014

Getting antsy to get started on my next project

Well, summer craziness has started around here! Trying to keep up with yard work, taking care of grandbabies, and a few other side jobs that I've gotten are all consuming.  I have a project that I have been anxious to get started on and hopefully I can get at it this week.

I bought this dresser a couple of weeks ago at the flea market, it's for my master bedroom and it's been waiting patiently in the shed ever since.

Last week, I have been painting for a paying customer, yay! I actually have a job that pays:) anyway, I will be working at that job for several more days. I am painting two bedrooms for this client and I have had to first paint a gray primer on the walls to prep for red paint. I am painting one bedroom bright red, so that means extra coats. So it will take me a few days to get that completed before I can move on to the next bedroom. 

I just finished painting a headboard for the same client, a metal bed that needed to be spray painted black. It turned out nice, she was thrilled with it and it will be going in the red bedroom. The teenage daughter that is decorating her room is doing a Marilyn Monroe themed room. Red walls, white drapes and black furniture. I doubt I will get pictures of the finished project since my work will be done when I get the walls painted. But it sounds like it's going to be gorgeous when it's finished.

In the meantime, I am going to sneak out to the shed and try to get this dresser started. 


  1. You sound like a very busy lady...and for pay! Excellent! That room sounds very cool, but I really love your dresser. Can't wait to see how that one evolves!

  2. Winter's are dead for me, but summer is crazy busy!! I can't wait to see it finished either Kim!


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