Monday, June 23, 2014

Before and after on my new dresser

I finally got my dresser finished!! I was busy with other things for the last two weeks so I haven't had time to work on my own stuff, but today I got this dresser done and I am pleased with how it turned out!



I don't use chalk or milk paint for my projects just yet. When I started my whole house makeover about three years ago I really wasn't familiar with these paints and I already started painting with this color so I can't switch colors now. I can't wait to try my hand at different paints and finishes, but now wasn't the time.

I bought this dresser at the flea market about three weeks ago, I wasn't there looking for a dresser, but that's usually when I find something. I had been thinking about replacing my current one for something a little larger, taller. I wasn't actively looking since I didn't NEED a new one, but when I saw this I thought it would work perfectly. And at $120.00 I new I would have a tough time finding something I liked as well for such a super price.

I loved the lines and the fact that it's tiered

I love the handles, I like the look of dark tarnished metal handles against the light color. 

I did something different on this one, I refinished the top and gave it a clear coat. The grain is so beautiful I wanted some of it to show. I picked some of our roses for the pictures, aren't they beautiful? Such a beautiful coral color!

I distressed it a little

I love the legs

And the beautiful fluting on the sides

My ipad wasn't having any part of watermarking my photos today so some have it and some don't, but I had to share after photos today:)


  1. Anonymous9:26:00 PM

    It. Is. Perfect. Absolutely. Perfect!

  2. That's a gorgeous piece and you did a great job on it!

  3. Rhonda, you did such a beautiful job on this piece.What a great buy on a super piece of furniture.
    Love it!

  4. Hi Rhonda, your flea market chest of drawers turned out amazing showing of those lines you love so that much better in white. As for the mixing of paint tones? Not to fear, try your hand at what ever you feel for your pieces, different finishes and paint tones add that much more handed down through time pieces that look aged with history rather then matching them to one another. I like to use at least 5 different finishes and tones of white in one room making it feel less hospital white and more gathered over time.
    So if you feel like trying one of the popular chalk paints out there go for it, it will add all the right kind of rightness to your homes designs.

    A beautiful weekend to you, and thank you dearly for taking the time to joy my day with a visit from you.


  5. Thank you Dore! I just get so confused because there are so many tones of whites and creams out there. I am not a fan of matchy, matchy and I do have different color whites and creams in my accessories just to avoid it, but I'm always afraid of using different tones on my furniture. Now I will take your advice and give it a shot. I bought some creamy colored milk paint that I'm dying to use! Looks like I'll have to buy another piece of furniture:) dang!


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