Monday, June 30, 2014

Another redo on a cute little French chair

I bought this little chair recently at a used furniture store and it's been sitting in the shed waiting in line to get a makeover. When I find old chairs like this the first thing I check for is it's sturdiness of course, and this one is very sturdy. I love the curves and detail and for $15.00, I thought it would look perfect in my master bath. Everything in my bathroom is squared off, straight lines, and since I haven't found the oval mirrors that I really want in there, I thought this chair would give me the curvy softness that the room needs. 

I'm working on it now, taking all the finish off, but I'm not sure what fabric I need to make it fabulous! I am now on the hunt for some fabric that will compliment my bath and the chair. I will keep you posted as I progress:)

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