Friday, May 9, 2014

Changing out my master bath mirrors just for a change

Since we moved I to this house about 8 years ago we have had these same bathroom mirrors in our master bath. I have since painted them white and distressed them to go with my current decor but I am just ready for a change. Mind you, I have been looking for mirrors for this bathroom for far too long and just can't find a matching set that I want for this room. My vision was and still is antique gold gilded oval mirrors since everything in this room is squared off, I thought I needed something oval just to off set the squared off edges. Well, I gave up! I am a very patient person when it comes to this sort of thing, I usually don't settle, but I settled this time for matching mirrors that I found at Home Goods. 

I just needed a change....

These mirrors still look good and I still love them

My husband and I made them using inexpensive 16 x 20 mirrors I bought at Walmart. We just cut a top piece that I drew up and cut with the scroll saw then attaching it to the mirror. These mirrors cost $20.00 to make, for both, since we had the materials in our stash to make them.

These are the mirrors I bought at Home Goods, my husband loves them because they have a larger mirror, I think they will do until I find what I want. These look fine, I wish they were a little taller though.

At a cost of $20.00 apiece I can justify the price for a bit of a change

Because now that I've found these replacement mirrors I will certainly find the mirrors I have been searching for for years!


  1. Your bathroom is absolutely gorgeous either way, Rhonda! I love them both and totally will find the mirrors of dream, today! ;)

    1. Thank you Kim! I will not stop looking, the're out there somewhere:)


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