Monday, May 19, 2014

My dining room chairs are finally finished!

I finally got my dining room chairs painted and reupholstered, yay! I started this project a few weeks before Easter so it's taken me awhile to get them finished. Lots of things kept me from getting them done, so this is a job that I am happy to have behind me. 

I bought these chairs two summers ago, as I said before, I decided to use my uncles's table for our dining area and I needed chairs ASAP. I bought a table and these four chairs off Craig's list for $75.00 with the intention of repainting them, but I kept putting it off. 

These chairs are nothing fancy, I didn't want fancy, I needed something I didn't have to worry about when the grand kids came over to eat or craft. I needed sturdy chairs, sturdy enough to hold my 22 year old grandson who is 6'4"!! Yes......I have a 22 year old (very handsome I might add) grandson! These chairs are made out of Rubber wood so they are very heavy and solid, but Rubber wood is also very light in color and the grain is so dense that it doesn't take stain very well, so there went my idea of having painted and distressed dining room chairs:( Oh time:)

So I just gave them two coats of primer and two coats of paint and called it good, and reupholstered them with a canvas drop cloth from Lowe's.

 I do like them, they aren't something I would have chosen normally, but they definitely look better painted. 

 Simple, sturdy, inexpensive, perfect!

A reminder of what they looked like before the make over


  1. Anonymous6:46:00 PM

    They look wonderful, Rhonda! I wish I had the nerve to paint my dining room set, but I think Randy would have a stroke if I covered up that gorgeous oak!

  2. Men love wood, lol! They think it's a sin to paint over it, Rick has never cared one way or the other, thank goodness for me!

  3. I forgot to mention, this table still has the manufacturers label inside and it was made in Michigan in 1896 and is made out of oak. I refinished it years ago, but the dark walnut stain that I stained it just looked to heavy these days. It sat in storage for about 10 years because of that. I figured painting and using it was better than it sitting in storage and never getting used. These chairs are inexpensive and look much better painted than they did with their orange stain:)

  4. Fantastic! I love the idea of drop cloth on the chair seats. I've seen drop cloth used for upholstery, but not on DR chairs.

    1. Thank you Ellen! And thanks so much for the visit:)


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