Friday, May 30, 2014

Memorial Day flea market!

I love our local flea market, especially during the three day holidays when there are close to 250 vendors, and that is just a guesstimate because I have no idea how many spots there are to fill. There are so many that the vendors start taking over the parking lot for overflow. I love it!

We went last Saturday and the weather was perfect for it, I forgot to wear sunscreen so I got a little

I really didn't find anything for myself this trip, just a couple of jars that I started collecting. I am really picky these days, there isn't anything I need for my own house but that doesn't mean that I can't swap something out if I find something I can't live without!

Saturday though, I was shopping mainly for our *Etsy store (LuLeemae's). I didn't have a whole lot of luck, either I couldn't find what I was looking for, or I did find it and they were asking too much for it. 

If I weren't so short I could get a shot of the sea of cars that are always there for the holidays

Filling up the huge parking lot, we had to park close to the back, poor Rick had to make a few treks back to unload. We bought some plants also.

I am always on the lookout for furniture to paint, ironstone, old linens etc. but I didn't find any this time. 

I managed to take a few pictures, I just kept getting weird looks so I stopped:/

Random shots of stuff!

These are my only personal finds! These large vintage storage jars for my future pantry:) The hubby then asked if I was going to pressure him to get it done now......seriously, yes, I have been waiting 8 years! I will pack them away with the other jars I have collected for said pantry:)

As I was picking up some silver for the store, I saw this leaning up against a truck, it has no mirror but for $10.00 I can do something with it. (Future project, I'll keep you posted)

One of the things we can't seem to sell enough of is silver, old tarnished silver! Our Etsy customers buy it up as soon as we list it, so of course I was shopping for silver anything. I found a few great pieces to sell

And this Florentine tray, which is a hot item

Silver trophies

And this creamer/sugar set and an extra piece the vendor threw in

And I also found this little coffee/tea set

Not exactly a trove of treasures, but at the flea market you just never know, it could be a hit or a miss. All I know is that I am looking for an outstanding piece of furniture to do an outstanding paint job that too much to ask? 

We will be going to the flea market again tomorrow, I hope to find a small table or desk for my mirror less mirror:)

*Our Etsy shop is called "LuLeemae's" and is not tied to my blog. It is the brainstorm of my daughter's to have this shop, I think so she can go junking and spend more time with her mama:D

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