Saturday, May 10, 2014

Happy Mother's Day!


Last night my two daughters, who live here in Ohio, took me out to a beautiful dinner for Mother's Day. It means so much to me that they find time in their busy lives to spend an evening together, just us girls. We have so much fun, we always do, laughing and talking about anything and everything. We laugh until we cry at times and people probably think we're a little nutty, but who cares, we kinda are!

After dinner we did a little window shopping before they gave me some wonderful Mother's Day presents. The dinner would have been enough mind you, but they always shower me with thoughtful, memorable gifts that reflect back on past memories (these two are very sentimental, and I love that about them)

From my youngest daughter, a beautiful pot of Petunia's, but the best part about this gift was the pot she made to put it in. Surrounded by pictures of some very memorable moments in my life, the birth of the grandbabies she gave me and pictures of us together. I absolutely love her creativity and she is the one who makes a lot of my gifts that I get from her and her family.

Then they both gave me a couple of charms for my Pandora bracelet, Carrie giving me a charm to remind me of our family vacations to the Outer Banks. Amanda gave me the "Loving Mother" charm from her and her family.

My oldest daughter lives in Iowa and it makes me sad that she can't be here to share these fun times, I miss having her and those grand kids near.

The presents that they give me are always greatly appreciated, but they know my most precious gift is the times we spend together, just us......talking, laughing, and just being nutty!

And the beautiful cards they give me just remind me how much they love me, and that is gift enough.
I am truly blessed.

I hope you all have a wonderful Mother's Day!


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