Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Busy Spring days

I only have one more coat of paint to put on my dining room chairs and then they will be finished! That project has taken a back seat due to Mother's Day weekend and the weather. 

My husband is super busy with his work, and that leaves limited time to get things done. When he has free time we have to take advantage of that and get things done. In the Spring & Summer, at his busy time, my work load picks up with yard work etc. 

Today as I was mowing the yard it gave me a chance to see what needs to be done this summer. Along with a flower bed that needs some much needed attention, I noticed that we lost three large ornamental grass plants, two bushes, and an Azalea bush due to our harsh winter. It's our fault, we never did get mulch down last year and with the bitter cold, we lost them. So, now we need to replace the things we lost, and mulch! There just isn't enough hours in the day.

But we will get things done, hopefully, but it all depends on Mother Nature.

Lost grasses

Lost bushes, so sad

Ready for mulch

Here is our load of mulch that my hubby got last weekend, if it takes two weeks we will get it done this year!

My Easter Lily is way behind this year

The Hostas look good

And my Lily-of-the-Valley

Another Petunia plant, this one was a sweet Mother's Day surprise from my grand kids:)

We do love working in the yard together, it's my husbands hobby, he works so hard on keeping it nice for us. It would be so nice if it were something we could do at our leisure, but around here there is no leisure!

Oh how nice it will look when we get it all done....

We are about to get some more nasty weather:(


  1. Anonymous2:05:00 PM

    Lovely home! I love lilies of the valley. My childhood home had them. Wish we still did. Cathy

    1. Thanks Cathy! I am getting anxious to get some new plants. It's been raining here all week!


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