Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Another old trunk makeover using old book pages.....

This is the second trunk that I wanted to makeover. I have had this for a very long time, I think it's one of my first treasures that I ever found. I remember when I bought it at a garage sale it was painted a light gray and red and cost me $2.50! Funny how you can remember things like this, I can't remember what I had for lunch yesterday but I can remember details about my junking treasures!

I since painted it Hunter Green(!) and it has been in the basement taking residence with my husbands Green Bay Packer decor:) 

I saw a wall papered with old book pages on Pinterest, but had the idea of covering the trunk with them. I just used watered down white glue to adhere the pages to the trunk and after I got the pages glued on I brushed it with another coat. I worked one piece at a time so I could brush the final coat on right away before it dried. 

It was a little time consuming but not bad. This trunk was on it's way out so I figured if it didn't look good I would just get rid of it. 

The leather straps were broken off on this trunk so I just removed the metal parts that held the straps and papered over the holes. 



I don't think it turned out too bad, for a last minute idea,

Your thoughts?


  1. Cool! I cannot believe that trunk cost you $2.50?? That's amazing...and so is most recent transformation! I love old book pages! It has a completely different look now, so airy and light! Fun...

    1. Thank you so much Kim! You always have such nice things to say, I love it when you visit :D

  2. Anonymous7:33:00 AM

    What a creative and unique way to cover, Rhonda! It blends so well with the rest of your decor. I love it!

    1. Thanks Nancy, I knew it could only look better than it did:)

  3. When a deal like this trunk comes along, you don't mind taking a risk in creating something out of it. Your book page idea is genius....I just love working with paper book page ephemera, I was covering walls in my shop with book pages like crazy, and work with this art on so many other projects of mine.
    Another cool idea I saw and someday when you tire of your trunk you can add to your piece. I saw a chest done this way where the blog artist took fabric book binding ends off the books by tearing off the covers and using just the ends with the titles of the novels written on the ends and then college the piece by random planking the piece with covering the whole piece with the book ends using a strong wood gorilla glue like wall papering the whole piece. All the different old book covers and the titles in all different tones from gold and so on looked soooo cool, been wanting to do something like this myself. Now with your piece it pulls at me more to do something along this line :)
    Thank you for the inspiration.

    Thank you my dear for taking the time to visit me, I am so going to enjoy getting to know you much better.

    Beautifully inspiring weekend to you.


    1. Thank you for visiting my blog and thank you for the wonderful compliment! I love experimenting and yes, I let my creativity go when I find an inexpensive piece. The idea of using book bindings to cover an object intrigues me! You seriously can let your imagination go these days and the outcome is always so beautiful. I absolutely love your blog, so the fact that my piece inspired you means so much. I am looking forward to getting to know you better too! Have a wonderful holiday weekend.


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