Monday, April 28, 2014

Makeover on my simple dining room chairs

Among other things I have been working on my dining room chairs, repainting and reupholstering them. I started before Easter so I had to take a break until after the holiday. Needless to say, due to my great timing, we didn't have quite enough chairs to seat everyone for dinner. Thank goodness it was an absolutely gorgeous day and the family all decided we should eat on the deck! Worked out very well, thank goodness:)

As you know, this table has been in my family for years, it dates back to the 1800's and I wanted so much to use it in my house. I needed four chairs to go with it and after searching everywhere, I settled on this set that I found on Craig's list. It came with a table too, but for $75.00 I couldn't pass it up, even though I'm now stuck with a table! It's not something I would have bought, but we needed chairs asap, and they will work fine until I find something that I absolutely love.

One of the reasons I didn't get the two chairs finished was because I couldn't decide on the fabric I wanted to use to recover them. Silly me, I should have known I'd revert to the good ole' drop cloth! I even sent for a couple of samples, and the were gorgeous, but I just couldn't do it. I couldn't commit to a color, and I couldn't spend good money on beautiful fabric when we use this table everyday. And I would always be worried if anyone spilled anything on it. I know drop cloth fabric is light, but it's also very inexpensive and I have plenty left over in case we have a major accident and I can just recover them again, but I do have my slipcovers I can use when the family gets together to protect them a little bit.

I am showing you the process in case none of you have ever tried this before, it is super simple!

Excuse my bright pictures today, it's is so cloudy, cold and gloomy and dark in my house, I had to brighten the pictures up a bit.

This is what the chairs looked like before I started this transformation, note my little Lucy Mae who loves to photo bomb my pictures!

A Southwest pattern of cream, brown, green & peach:(

First you just unscrew the tops from the bases

And now the fun part, taking all of the staples out!

And there were a ton of staples

I primed these twice before I painted them, again, these chairs had knots in them and I didn't want them showing through eventually

Then I gave them two coats of paint

Then the gross part, I almost puked when I was working with this fabric, and even though I scrubbed these seats very good when I got them, they were still gross. When my husband and I picked them up they REEKED of cigarette smoke, I mean really bad! So I literally took the chairs outside and turned on the hose and scrubbed them down several times. I soaked the upholstered seats with upholstery cleaner and lots of water! I knew I was going to recover them someday so I didn't worry about ruining the fabric, I just had to get rid of the odor. Something to always think about when purchasing something from an unknown person.

I ironed the fabrics out and laid my "template" onto my drop cloth fabric, pinned it in place and cut around it.

Lay your seat on top of the fabric and start stapling, I put one staple in on every side and continue to do that with the whole thing, that way you don't get any puckers. Pull it super tight as you go.

this is what it will look like when you're all done with the staples

Finished seat!

I only got two chairs done so far, I hope to start working on the other two this week.

These pictures aren't very good, I will have to take better ones when the whole set is finished.


To needing sunglasses!

I am glad I used the drop cloth to recover them, now it just goes with everything else in my house!

Today I am watching the weather channel to keep my eye on the storms that are ravishing the Mississippi area. If you live there just know that my prayers are with you that you stay safe.


  1. Gorgeous! I love the neutral colors, so soothing and ethereal! Can't wait to see the whole set done!

    1. Thank you Kim! That's exactly the look I'm going for:)


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