Saturday, April 19, 2014

Happy Easter to you and your families!

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Happy Easter everyone!

 Let me leave you with a few images of Easter in the Vaudt home:)

I added a few Easter elements to my Spring mantel, some bunnies:)

I bought a few tulip plants, this time I can plant the bulbs when they are done blooming

The aroma that is coming from these Tulips is amazing!

I set these vintage pieces out every year in honor of my Mother-in-law who passed several years ago. 

The rabbits and the chicks are always sitting out at Easter, these are part of my husbands childhood memories

Along with my gourds that look like eggs

Another family heirloom that is fitting for Easter, this belonged to my husbands grandmother, so it's pretty old, I love it.

It's amazing how good you feel when you can bring fresh flowers in your home, even though we had snow on the in the beginning of the week, it felt like Spring inside my house and the tulips were just starting to bloom!

The Easter baskets are ready to be hidden for the little ones and I have plenty of eggs to fill for our annual Easter egg hunt. This year we will be hunting for them outside! Yay, it's way more fun that way!

All the other Easter treats have been shipped out to our grand kids in Iowa.

 I have been preparing our Easter feast all morning long, the smells coming from my kitchen are making me hungry! We will have ham and fresh strawberry pie along with a lot of other goodies!

 I think I'm ready to celebrate this beautiful holiday.


  1. Anonymous7:39:00 PM

    Your home looks lovely and springy!! Happy Easter, Cathy


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