Saturday, April 12, 2014

Busy weeks ahead...............

What a week I've had! Tuesday I had a routine Dr's. appt. and while I was out I ran to several fabric stores to look at upholstery fabric, only to leave all stores disappointed. Wednesday was my day to babysit for my two year old grandson, which is always a welcomed treat, I got home at 6:30 pm and I was tired:) Thursday I spent the day painting furniture and making pillows to resell. Friday I was shopping all day for my Easter stuff and also revisited the fabric stores to get a few more supplies that I need, got home by 5:30 to find my husband ready to go out for pizza, which was great because that meant I didn't have to cook! Today we cleaned four flower beds and got them ready for mulch, I put another coat of paint on my furniture, stripped two lamp shades down to the bare bones, now I'm ready to sit down for a nice glass of wine!

I love to be busy, but I do get a little overwhelmed at times when I have so much to do. Everything that I got done last week is going to prepare me for next week. I am hoping to work on items for resale at the store, clean my house for Easter, and on top of all this I have to sort through some stuff to get ready for a garage sale that we are having at the end of April.

I also love it when I get word that I've sold something at Alter'd Relics, remember that lamp shade I made out of an antique lace table cloth? Well, it sold last week, not only did it sell but there were two ladies fighting over it! It does make me feel good that they loved my shade so much, but now they want me to make more (thus the reason I was stripping two lamp shades down to the bare bones today). So now the pressure is on to make more lovely lamp shades. I have only made that one, I only hope the next ones turn out as well as that one did.


  1. Anonymous9:56:00 PM

    What a lovely shade!

    1. Thank you! I certainly hope I can make more and have them turn out this well:)


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