Saturday, April 5, 2014

A visit to my new favorite little shop.........Alter'd Relics: Design Studio

The weather finally cooperated so Rick and I could deliver those finished furniture pieces today. We have been waiting for the snow to stop and now waiting for the rain to stop, just long enough to get the furniture out of my house please! I had furniture backed up into the sun room for weeks, and I never did get that green bed in the house so I could share a decent picture with you. I couldn't post a picture of it sitting in my dirty garage, nope, that bed needed the proper back drop. Well, you will get to see it in all it's glory because Alter'd Relics put it in their store window as soon as we left today. I am beyond thrilled! Having your work appreciated is the best compliment you can get.

As you know I started selling some of my things at this adorable little shop in Barberton, Ohio called Alter'd Relics, you have to check out their blog HERE. I love the things they sell, it's exactly where my furniture needs to be.

The owners, Pamela and Arica, sell their own vintage/antique furniture, unpainted or painted to your specifications, and they are beautifully done. And they also have very talented artisans who bring their things in to sell as well. Gorgeous hand made jewelry (that I will have to take a more serious look at when I go back:), vintage home decor, beautiful scarves, bags and other accessories. A large variety of stuff and there's something for everyone. I love some of the furniture pieces they currently have, silver chairs with some bling along the back and mink.........yes, MINK upholstered seats. They are adorable! Lots of very talented people bring their wares here to sell, and I am proud to be a part of it.

I couldn't help but take pictures to show off this beautiful little shop......


My furniture looks right at home here.
You will see some familiar pieces as I take you on a tour:)

So you see the silver chairs with the Mink seats? Love them!
And the big clock coffee table:)

And here is my beautiful green bed!

They put her right in the window, I think because she is a beautiful Spring color:)

Now THIS is the proper back drop:)

And she is all blinged out!!


  1. Anonymous2:09:00 PM

    Beautiful!! Love the color and set up! cathy

    1. They do a great job with their displays, thanks Cathy for visiting!


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