Monday, March 17, 2014

Vanity and chair update and revisiting my guest bedroom- PMMWMMI series:)

I got the vanity and chair all painted so now I have made space in the garage again, I will move these pieces to the shed so the paint can cure for a couple of days before I deliver it. I loved how it turned out and if my plans don't change I will be making the skirt on Wednesday. 

The drawer and the swing arms have to dry overnight before I can put them back in place.
I am also ready to wax the cream colored bed, and I can get that done tomorrow. It's like an assembly line around here but I need to finish each piece in order for drying time and space. 

Meanwhile I thought I could share the corner cupboard today, this is in the guest bedroom as well. This piece set me back a few bucks but I loved that it was a corner cupboard with returns on the front. These have just little more space in them and are a little more interesting than a straight corner cupboard with out returns on the side.
It was painted a mustard color and it had a "combing" texture to it that I really liked, and it was also distressed and antiqued so all I had to do was bring it home. It was the perfect color at that time and didn't need any work done at all, which is very rare for me to find a piece that I can just bring home and put in place. 

Guest bedroom PMMWMMI series!
(Putting my money where my mouth is)

Of course I have since painted it to go with my new decor, so the combing is gone.

I distressed it just a little

The inside was originally painted black, but when I painted it again with the cream I decided to antique just the insides, I guess for a little contrast.

Cost of this corner cupboard.....a whopping $125.00!!
Repainting was 0.00 because I had the paint

The most expensive thing in the guest bedroom is this piece at $125.00!


  1. Anonymous10:45:00 AM

    Love the green!!! Cathy

    1. Thanks Cathy! I can't wait to paint the bed!


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