Thursday, March 13, 2014

The charm of vintage/antique beds

Well, we got another blast of nasty winter weather yesterday, I think we only got about 2" in our area but my daughter and her husband live up by Lake Erie and I think they may have gotten the worst of it. In the morning it was raining pretty hard and all of a sudden it started sleeting.... hard! That lasted about 15 minutes and then we got the snow. The wind was whistling last night as well, so I'm glad we didn't get any more snow than we did. They were not so lucky up north towards Toledo.

That being said, I had to leave my car in the garage because I didn't want it rolling out into the street from our steep driveway, so I didn't get to paint. Besides my car was dripping wet from my short excursion to the Post Office and left puddles in the garage.

Today, the garage was dry and I couldn't wait any longer to get started on these beds. Space only allows me to work on one project at a time until it's warm enough to work in the shed. I got two coats on the (I'll call it the feminine bed), I'm painting it a creamy color (surprise!) but hold on.............after that's finished I'm going to do a little decorative painting on it.

Remember how I told you that furniture "talks" to me? Well, this bed is feminine so I'm painting it for a little girls room but I want it to be soft so I'm painting in a cottagey/shabby chic style. They just don't make beds like anymore, and if they do they cost bazillions of dollars! I love the lines and the detail on them, not over the top detail, just enough to make them quaint and charming. I bought both of these beds to resell and I'm painting them for two different little girls. Face it, these days adults go for the queen and king size beds anyway.

Just a quick note if you plan on buying an old bed, make sure they are long enough for today's adults. The antique rope bed that I have in my guest bedroom had to be modified to fit an adult. I used to think the reason beds were shorter back then was because people were shorter, and that may be part of it, but I also heard that back in the 1800's when my rope bed was built, they slept propped up. I'm not sure if that is true or not but it is interesting to hear some of the stories behind old furniture. If anyone knows the reason why beds were shorter back then I would love to hear it! So make sure you measure the space between the head board and the foot board before you buy if you plan on sleeping in it yourself, especially if the bed is an antique.

Anyway, (I ramble) I wanted to give you a sneak peak at the bed and show you where I added that little bit of trim that I had to replace.

I think the detail on old beds get lost in their natural wood state

I have the foot board turned around so you can't see the detail on this picture, but once you paint these beds the detail just comes to life 

The little decorative trim went on the bottom of the foot board. I just sanded the area good and glued and clamped this trim in place, I love how it turned out.

See the wonderful detail! You can hardly tell that the trim I added isn't original.

Tomorrow I will finish up the head board, I didn't get the other side painted today, and then I will start the fun part! Adding my touch to this bed will make it just a little more special for some little girl!


  1. Wow you did a wonderful job on the headboard. It looks great!

  2. Anonymous6:52:00 PM

    It's going to be adorable! What kind of paint did you use and do you prime first? Cathy

    1. Thank you both so much! I am using chalk paint for the second time, I'm still not sure if I like it, but I thought it would be perfect for this job. So I did not prime it, however I did lightly sand..........old habits die hard:)


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