Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Tearing VS Cutting fabric to insure a true measurement!

I ran into a little problem today so I thought I would quick share it with you, in case you didn't know, and keep you from having this same issue.

Before I head to the garage to wax my bed, I wanted to get all of my fabrics prepared to sew my vanity skirt tomorrow. The fabric's already been washed and now I'm ripping it up into the pieces that I need to make the pattern that I want for the skirt. Notice I said "ripping".

And of course, I run into a problem. One of my fabrics was "cut" wrong at the fabric shop which now leaves me with a yard that I can't use. It takes a lot to upset me, but this upsets me, time after time after time, so you'd think I would learn!

When you take your fabric up to the counter to have them tear it.........don't have them "CUT" it to the size you need!!!

More times than not, you do not get a true measurement when a piece of fabric is cut. The only way you can get a true 36" straight across is if they TEAR the fabric. When you "tear" the fabric it runs right along the same line in the weave and you get a perfect cut piece of fabric every time.

I know that you can't tear all fabrics that way, but if you have a woven fabric like a cotton piece, it's what is the easiest and best to do.

I have asked them before to "tear" my fabric instead of cutting it, but, for some reason it falls on deaf ears. If anyone knows why they don't follow my request, can you enlighten me?

Now I am without my fourth fabric for my skirt and I can either return the fabric, which will set me back a day, or not use it, or just use the one good yard that I have and hope they think it was part of my plan!

Here is my problem. My fabric is about 2" short because the it was cut crooked.

I really want to incorporate this fabric into my design, and I hope if I don't use it that it won't compromise the fullness that I wanted this skirt to have. I guess I will think about this while I am waxing my bed. 

I am just disappointed in myself for forgetting to tell the clerk to tear my fabric vs. cut it (just in case she would have done that for me). Next time I will insist, because I will let them know my dilemma.

Just a little FYI in case you didn't know:)


  1. Hi Rhonda, I only sew a little. My Mother has that talent, along with crocheting and knitting.It's great to see your blog looking so pretty. You might want to change that ad on your sidebar. It is sticking out the side....

  2. On my computer my blog is as wide as the screen with just a small portion of the pattern sticking out on both sides. On my ipad the whole right side is pattern! I don't know how to bring that ad in, I've tried adjusting the width!


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