Monday, March 31, 2014

Spring has officially arrived on my mantel

I did decorate the mantel and Spring did come! I guess I should have done this a little sooner huh?! I spent all of yesterday running errands and it was an absolute gorgeous day to be out and about. Among other things, I was running all over looking for tulips so I could finish decorating my fireplace mantel. The garden centers aren't open yet and so my options were limited, but I finally found some and they are perfect!

I guess I'm stubborn that way, once I get something in my head I don't stop until I get it just the way I envision it! Tulips, to me are the ultimate in Spring flowers since they are some of the first flowers to come up. After a long and dreary winter like the one we had this year it's just a sign of new life and reminds us that warm and sunshine is on it's way to stay for awhile.

I decorated my Spring mantel with things that I collected from around my home and two bunches of fresh tulips. Don't forget to use the fresh flower preservative recipe that I provided in a previous post, you can find it HERE



  1. Anonymous8:45:00 AM

    I SO need to get some fresh flowers in my house! Things are still so brown outside, although it is beginning to green up. Your mantel is just perfect; love, love, love it.

  2. Thank you Nancy! I couldn't wait to put fresh flowers in the house, can't wait until my own are blooming!


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