Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Images of Spring/Summer.....I'm getting so anxious!

I thought I would share some pictures of the beautiful flowers that we have growing in some of the beds around our yard. I am so anxious to get out there and dig my hands into the dirt and just soak up some sun, I just couldn't help myself but to bring up my pictures and remember what summer was like!  Today we have cold again and a chance of snow, which they promised it won't last and will be in the 50's tomorrow! I certainly hope it gets that warm, I can take my 2 year old grandson for a short walk, he/we have been couped up in the house for far too long!

My Easter Lily that I replanted after Easter was given to me my grand kids and it grows to about 5' every year and they are so beautiful

This is Paige's Peony, my grand daughter insisted that I plant a peony in my yard....thus the name

This Clematis grows to me monstrous over the course of the summer, it's gorgeous pale lavendar blooms are always so full and lush

I can't forget the birds that take shelter in our bushes, here we have three tiny Wrens:) The mama was always here with them but she had to duck out for a second to look for food, I took this chance to get this amazing photo of these tiny babies!

My husband started growing this rose garden, and the roses that it produces are such a beautiful Coral color

I love bringing a bouquet in to look at all day

One of my projects for this spring is to add some beautiful flowers and ground cover around my bird bath, made from old barn stone, which was a gift from my husband for Mother's Day several years ago. I love it and I want to give it the attention it deserves!

Tomorrow is the start of beautiful weather for us, I am so ready!


  1. Hi Rhonda, looks like Spring. Love your roses. The flowers will look great around your old barn wood bird bath. I hope you got Google Adsense figured out.

    1. Thanks Linda, it's very cold here again today, I needed to post these to remind everyone in these parts that summer is on it's way! I am doing a lot of reading and you tubing trying to figure all of this stuff out. I did get my AdSense figured out, now to learn about Ad Units and Search boxes! Thanks for your help again today.

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