Saturday, March 15, 2014

Guest Bedroom side table and what I did to restore it

As part of my "put my money where my mouth is" series (I think that's what I should call it so you will know what I will be featuring for the day!) I will feature my cute side table that is in our guest bedroom

This table was a bit of a mess too, I guess I'm just drawn to the challenge! Anyway, the table itself was very heavy so I knew it was built good. Most Empire style furniture is built extremely well and I love the simplicity of the style. And even though it was painted a putrid green, I could see that time and time again, it had been painted over cracked, chipping, and peeling paint and I loved the texture that resulted.

The paint job was a very poor one, it looked like someone just smeared green paint all over it and called it a day. 

This is what the sides looked like, but the front and top had a different texture, and I wasn't sure what caused it. I started examining the table and I noticed that the top was damaged so it had to be replaced, so much for the textured top that I liked so well. 

My husband had a piece of MDF so we cut a new top for it. MDF is super smooth and to be honest, I was afraid of how it would look. This ugly little table that I fell in love with because of all of it's rugged texture is now going to have a smooth top? No, I had an idea on how I could maybe "copy" the weird surface of the table.

Now, I have to tell you that I didn't blog much back when this table was redone, so I don't have any pictures of this process:( I know, I could kick myself! 

But it's easy anyway.

 I painted the top with a really thick coat of paint and then I took tissue paper, the kind you wrap gifts with) and scrunched it all up.
I opened the tissue wrap back up laid it back down on the top of the table, right over the wet paint. I pressed it down all over on the top and the sides, I pressed it hard so that the paint was "gluing" the tissue to the top of the table. Once I got it all pressed down, I left it alone to dry. I did make sure that there were no "bubbles" that could eventually rip, lift, and peel. The tissue was now part of the table, and it looked just like the texture that the top had before we removed it!

The bottom of the shelf was a little warped too, so we cut another piece to fit in there as well. We just used a small piece of 1/4" luan  for that. 

Once the top was completely dry I simply painted the whole table, and I gave the top about three coats of paint just to make sure the tissue was covered good.

This picture gives you an idea of the texture I was trying to copy

And there you have it! This is what the table top looked like when I bought it, very rough.

It turned out so nice, you would never know how ugly it was when I brought it home!

Cost of the table.........$10.00
Cost of MDF......0.00, we had some in the garage
Cost for luan.............0.00, we had a stash
Cost of paint................0.00, I always have paint:)

Total cost of this Restored Treasure............$10.00
And a little sweat equity!


  1. Anonymous11:09:00 PM

    So cute! Love hearing the details of your process! Thanks, Cathy


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