Saturday, March 22, 2014

Back to the guest bedroom cost rundown.............

I took the day off yesterday to spend it with my daughter, her birthday was the 15th and I wanted to take her to lunch and do some shopping for her birthday gift. I needed a break anyway, I'd been painting all week and I started making the skirt for the vanity on Thursday. I am almost finished but I ran out of Velcro, and the way I made it I can't go any further until I get some tomorrow after church.

In the meantime, I gave the green bed a coat of paint on the back side, so one more coat of paint on the bed and just a bit of work to do on the vanity skirt and these projects will be done............thank goodness, I need to clean my house!!! So far everything looks good, I hope the sewing goes as well as the painting did! I'm always surprised when a sewing project works out without a hitch.......sewing is not my strong suit!!!!

I am going to continue my series showing you how I decorate my home using furnishings that I have gotten at flea markets, thrift stores and second hand furniture stores.

We were working on the guest bedroom still so I will continue where I left off.

I have had this little rocking chair for years, and it's one I picked off of the curb. When we lived in Iowa I used to clean homes to make some extra cash when our children were little. When I was coming to work one day I noticed this beautiful rocker sitting out by the road waiting for the trash man or someone to pick it up and take it home. Well, I grabbed it and took it home. At that time the chair was painted a beautiful red color and was antiqued as well, but the color didn't work for me so I refinished it. The chair was in perfect condition, with all of the ornate detail all still intact, and it has been in my home now for about 30 years.

That same woman who I cleaned for asked me if I wanted this little dresser, she didn't have any use for it and she knew we could use it for one of our daughters. It's made of walnut and walnut veneer and it was in perfect shape too. This dresser has been painted many times to match whichever room it was going in next.

After the daughters all left I decided to do some decorative painting on it and it stayed this way for awhile, until I changed my decor. I have always loved the hardware on this dresser and was sad that it wasn't noticeable against that decorative painting. Now that it's painted white, you can see the lovely antique pulls.
This dresser has been in the family for close to 30 years also.

The mirror that hangs above this dresser was just an empty frame that I bought at the flea market. It did originally belong on or with a dresser but this was all that was left. I fell in love with it immediately and knew it would be perfect hanging over this dresser. 

Antique rocker.........$0.00
Walnut dresser...........0.00
Large frame.............15.00
mirror cut to fit............30.00
Cost of these pieces..............45.00

All the curtains (except for my husband's office) come from Ikea. Lenda panels that cost $15.00 per PAIR. The cost of these have gone up since I bought these but I need four more to put in the office.
The bedding I bought on eBay.
Decorative boxes I made using cardboard boxes and wall paper border.

So that takes care of the guest bedroom. The accessories that I have in there came from flea markets, or are family heirlooms, such as the frames above the bed. 

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