Monday, February 17, 2014

My quest for the perfect fitting/looking blue jeans!!!

I took advantage of the nice day today, it was sunny and bright again, to go hunting for the perfect pair of blue jeans. I have been looking for some time now, and I did find a great pair at Macy's a few months ago that I absolutely loved but I didn't want to spend $69.50 on them! But they fit me so well, and I loved the way they looked on me. Mind you, I have several pairs of blue jeans but they make me look like this:

All I am asking for is a pair of jeans that hold me in, I hate that I can feel my muffin top hanging out above my jeans! I did try several brands on today, but nothing compared to the look and fit of the jeans I tried on months ago. I do have one pair of blue jeans that I absolutely love, they are about 10 years old or better but they fit me so well, they sit up on my waist so it holds my muffin inside and they have just enough stretch in them so I can move. But they are getting so tattered looking and I can no longer wear them in public. So, I went back to Macy's, coupon in hand to find these jeans:  Ralph Lauren, sit on the natural waist, straight leg, with just enough stretch in them so I can move jeans! 

I love them! I only bought one pair because I am hoping to lose a few more pounds. But the good news is that they were 25% off and I had another 20% off coupon and that brought my perfect jeans to $41.00! I don't know why I worry about the cost because if I love them they last me 10 years or better! 

I thought I would also share with you my newest pair of boots, Etnies, and they are sooooo comfortable! I am done buying for winter now for the year, I am anxious to start looking for some warm weather duds. But these were irresistibly cute and life is too short so I bought the darn boots!

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