Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Getting my motivation back, in all areas of my life!

Ok, I am really getting tired of the snow, ice, lack of sun and everything else that old man winter brings. And I'm tired of feeling like a slug! I think this weather has taken it's tole on all of us. As you know, I had  lost my motivation for painting and creating but that changed for me last weekend, thank goodness! Now I have been working on another area of my life.

A couple of weeks ago I started working out again, it's been awhile but that's something I have been neglecting as well. And those closest to me know that I am pretty good about my exercising. If I don't work out I can certainly tell, I get sluggish, so something had to change here. If I put my work out gear on first thing in the morning I'm good to go, I'm ready whenever the urge hits me and I head to the basement. Why am I telling you all this you might be asking yourself, because if I post about it I will be held accountable and because.................................

                                               THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR ME:

        ...................and I got a Zumba dvd for Christmas and I need to get in shape for it!

There seems to be hope for me yet, it's all coming together......finally! Now, when I get my hair done Thursday I should feel like a million bucks!!!

So, just so you know, we are all feeling the wrath of this nasty winter weather! Let's hope March isn't as bad as it's suppose to be and goes out like a lamb!

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