Sunday, February 16, 2014

Follow up on the Alter'd Relics open house and a side note

Good news! I sold all these pillows this weekend at the Alter'd Relics Open House in Barberton, OH! And now they need more, guess I'm going to be busy! I threw in one of my own pillows as we walked out the door and it's pictured below, it's made from a cotton/linen fabric with antique lace detail.


The chair is being considered, a customer came in and said she was redecorating a room in her home and might be interested in this chair, keep your fingers crossed!

Now I'm getting excited about the weather warming enough so I can start painting the pieces of furniture I have out in my shed!

                                                             SIDE NOTE:

I've had luck selling things on my eBay sight and Carrie and I have been selling things out of our Etsy store.

Big ticket item sold from Etsy this week is the little chest I painted in the Pennsylvania Dutch style
                                             It's been a good month!

Super excited to go shopping for more treasures to restore!


  1. Anonymous5:19:00 PM

    I'm SO happy for you, GF!!

  2. Thank you Nancy! I'm thrilled myself;)


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