Sunday, February 9, 2014

Fate has intervened once again!

Do you believe in fate? I was seriously going to throw in the towel on my painting career until fate intervened......again for me! For the past couple of weeks I have been wracking my brain trying to come up with a new name for my blog. After all, how could I have a blog titled Restored Treasures if I had no treasures to restore? The fact that I hadn't done a project to share in the past, I don't even know how long, had me thinking that I would just come up with a name that would be suitable for a blog that would feature all sorts of topics. But that changed yesterday afternoon after we visited a new shop in Barberton, Ohio named Alter'd Relics: Design Studio.

First I must remind you of my love of junking, refinishing, repainting and repurposing old furniture etc, etc, etc. One of the reasons why my daughter and I opened an Etsy shop was so we had an outlet to sell things
 that we purchase on our shopping trips. We both love to go junking and but we can't keep it all so we just thought it would be fun to have someplace to sell some of the great things we ran across. Not to mention, a place where I can sell some of the furniture that I redo.  

When we opened Etsy, we didn't know what people were looking for, we did a little research and started to sell small things just to test the waters. Although we didn't have a lot to sell at first, it did give us an idea of what people wanted and gave us a feel for how this process worked. Soon we started to list a couple of my painted pieces and we did sell a few, but we couldn't offer shipping. That was the problem, we don't offer shipping, because we don't want the hassle or responsibility, so the larger pieces that we offer for sale were for "pick up" only. Lots of interest in the furniture but no one bought.

Long story short (kind of), I have pieces in my shed that need to be finished but I lost all motivation for doing so, because I didn't have a place to sell them. Plus I have all the pieces that we listed for sale but didn't, sitting in my house taking up space, I have no room for any more!

As fate would have it, Rick and I were drinking our morning coffee and reading the paper when I ran across an article about a woman 
and her daughter who had just opened a furniture store in Barberton, Ohio. They do exactly what I love 
to do, find old pieces of furniture and paint them to resell. And they encouraged others to bring their 
stuff in as well. I was starting to get really excited but this has happened before, in past experiences shops weren't interested in bringing someone else in or their precentage of the take was unreasonable, so I wasn't going to get my hopes up. 

I fell in love with the store as soon as we walked in, it was filled with furniture that was either painted or given the option to paint or leave "as is". The pieces that were painted were gorgeous, vintage/cottage style furniture and she carries decorative items as well. The store itself is huge but they have the back portion blocked off with old chippy doors, so the current showroom is pretty small, but they are hoping to get enough stuff in to expand beyond those doors.

There was a small group of people there when we walked in and they were there for the same reason I was. They had read the article in the morning paper as well, and were inquiring about selling their stuff in the shop. I came armed with photos of my most prized pieces and 
she loved them!!! Not only did she love the furniture but she loved my pillows as well and she asked me if I could have stuff there before next weekend!! She even wanted some of my own furniture! Talk about a whirlwind, I was amazed, she told 
me to bring in whatever I had! 

I can only tell you that my head was spinning when I left that shop, good thing Rick was with me, I couldn't have driven home! I have been painting and refinishing furniture for as long as I remember, long before all the craze started, and it would be wonderful if I have finally found an outlet for my creativity! Keep your fingers crossed!

Now I need to get busy!

I will keep you posted!


  1. Anonymous7:54:00 PM

    I am so happy for you!! From what I have seen, you will have nothing left to see in very short order. Seriously!
    So, when you are making all kinds of money, doing what you do so well, promise me you'll come up and help me with my house. Okay? :)
    Keep us posted!!

  2. Thanks again Nancy! We will see how this goes, I have been burned before. And I would love to help you with your decorating, but from what I can see, you do very well on your own:)


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