Thursday, February 20, 2014

Does furniture "talk" to you?!? Beautiful & fun painted pieces.........

I spent the day surfing the Internet and looking at pieces of painted furniture, I have a few pieces that I am dying to get at if the weather ever gets warm enough. The pieces I have are too large to take to my workroom in the basement and it's even been too cold to work in our heated garage, so I'm at mother nature's mercy right now.

I have a small corner cupboard that I want to repaint and maybe add a little something to the backs of the shelves. I'm thinking I want to add something to the backs of the shelves just to give it a little more character, so I was looking at different ideas on what types of patterns are popular.  When the time comes I want to be ready with brush in hand! I also have the cutest little vanity that I need to paint and make a skirt for. These will be pieces I will be reselling, and I'm hoping that Alter'd Relics will be asking me to bring some more stuff in. 

I just thought I would share some of the beautiful pieces that I ran across, but believe me, I ran across some "out there" furniture! Some fun pieces that stand alone in a room and some more subtle pieces, which is more my taste. I already know how I'm painting the corner cupboard and the vanity but I am stumped on what color. Bold or subtle?

The big trend in painting vintage and antique furniture has been bright bold colors, like the ones you see here. Everywhere you look you'll see everything from buffets, dressers, side tables and beds painted up in the most gorgeous jewel tone colors. 

Bold color

Painting these pieces really brings out the character of the piece, this one has beautiful curves.

I love this pink dresser, I think because it has the antique gold mirror hanging above it is what appeals to me most.
This one has a brown wax applied to make it look aged, which in turn tones down the color a bit.
I could see this in a little girls room........adorable!

A bit of Whimsy

This piece would be adorable in a little girls room as well. I love painting furniture like this, it's so much fun to create the design and the sky's the limit on color!

This little side table is just a fun piece and would be so much fun to paint! This is the perfect example of how crazy you can get with these small pieces of furniture!


French design is EVERYWHERE! It is the hottest thing right now it seems.

This one is my favorite and it's not hand painted, this is done with a stencil. I love the color and the simple design that was used to decorate the front.

I love this piece too, this technique is using a stencil as well. First you paint your piece a base color using eggshell finish paint and when you stencil, you use a gloss paint in the same color. This technique is so subtle but I think it looks amazing. I would love to try this on an old dresser.

Bold design

I think this dresser would look great in a boys room, I love the color and design!

These are just a few pieces of furniture that I thought were worth sharing, there are so many ideas out there it blows my mind and it can be confusing! I don't know about most artists, but I have to see something in a piece of furniture. I look at the lines, whether curved or straight, the type of hardware it has, I look at a piece and I can see gender in them! The piece above with the British flag is definitely a boy piece and the pink dresser above (even if it weren't painted pink!) is a girl piece.

Take this little desk for instance, someone just gave it to me to paint because she wanted to get it out of her garage. The minute I saw it I saw a boys desk, and I actually saw a football! I think because of the rounded edges! 

So, I guess yes, the furniture "talks" to me!

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