Thursday, February 6, 2014

Another antique picture frame to add to my collection

I can honestly say that I am really sick of this weather!! Mind you, I like winter, I love snow and I love living in an area where we can enjoy the four seasons to it's fullest. But this year, I've had quite enough. I don't know what makes this year any different, maybe the fact that we got snow a little earlier than normal. Or that the sun just hasn't been shining much at all this winter, and for me, that makes all the difference in the world. I just haven't felt like going anywhere and my motivation to do much of anything is totally gone. I think I am just tired of being couped up and I'm ready to work on some projects, as soon as it gets a little warmer in our garage I will be out there getting busy! I'm going stir crazy and I don't have enough to do, although I have a lot I can be doing! I know, it makes no sense to me either!!

So as I said yesterday, I'm taking this opportunity to sort through things to sell on eBay. I'm cleansing a little more, ridding myself of stuff that takes up space in storage that I obviously am not going to use anymore. I ran across this beautiful frame that I found last October when my girl friends came to visit. We do some junking while they're here and this is the only treasure I found on that trip. It's absolutely gorgeous and in excellent shape for it's age. Typically the detail around the edge of these frames are chipped and chunks are missing, but this one is completely intact and is exactly as it what when it was new. As you know, I have a weakness for antique frames so I was super excited to find this one for $10.00. I just had to share it with you, I love the detail.

I do like the picture that's in it right now but I may want to use this frame for a family picture, I haven't decided yet. I will add this to the "to do" (if I find my motivation) pile.


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