Sunday, January 26, 2014

Nothing but positive thoughts for the rest of 2014

Well Happy New Year everyone! I haven't written a post since December so I thought I would take the time to fill you in on why I've been absent. 2014, so far for us, has not treated us kind:( We made our annual trip back "home" to Iowa right after Christmas to see family and friends, and although we had a great time spending time with our loved ones, we also had to say goodbye to a beloved Uncle. We got word that he wasn't doing well as we were driving back so we did get to visit with him and see him one last time. Three days later we got word that he had passed. We weren't prepared for a funeral and they asked my husband to be a pall bearer. He was honored to do so, and we had make a quick shopping trip to buy appropriate attire, you are never prepared for this so it was pretty emotional time.

Along with the frigid cold we had to endure while we were back, there were other issues that we encountered on this trip back home. The fact that we had no home base this time, since we moved Rick's father to a nursing home a year ago, and since then have sold the house that was our comfort zone for so many years. You just don't know how it feels to be so displaced, it was harder on us than we anticipated. We had no place to "hang our hat", going from family members, to friends, trying to find a place to settle. Don't get me wrong, our friends are always generous to open their homes to us, but when you're back for 7-10 days you just don't want to burden them. After all, they still have to go to work, so it feels awkward and a little out of our comfort zone. I'm sure that will effect our trips back to Iowa now, not having a place to call "home" while we're back.

Another issue that came up is something I can't talk about here, but it just added to our stress, and because of that, we both ended up getting sick once we did get home. My husband first with a nasty head and chest cold, then I caught it and I was down for about 5 days. That kind of emotional stress does that to you, makes you physically sick. We are both feeling better as far as the colds go, but we still have that other issue that I can't talk about to deal with. And we will deal with that as time goes on. 

So, I am sick and tired of being sick and tired! I am ready to forget that 2014 started out on a very negative note and will do my best to make the rest of this New Year be nothing but positive for us. With a few prayers we will get through.


  1. I absolutely enjoyed our weekend together! Our home can be your "home base" anytime. You guys are the best friends we could EVER ask for. Never ever feel like you are imposing because we love you to the moon and back! Here's to a much better "rest of 2014"! :).

  2. Thank you Deb! We had soooo much fun with you guys. It was just wonderful to hang out, visit, watch movies and talk, talk, talk! We appreciated your hospitality, and were fortunate enough to have such a beautiful home to just "chill" ( pardon the pun) at!

  3. And we will make the rest of this year great:)

  4. Anonymous7:47:00 AM

    So much to contend with! I'm sorry, Rhonda. And, I hope that other issue gets resolved. Hope you're feeling better!


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