Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Finally, I have organized storage for my Christmas decorations!

As I was getting Christmas decorations out this year, I was reminded of how hard it was to pull loaded totes down that I had no choice but to stack. I cleared the room in hopes that my husband would take the time to build those shelves that we always planned for this space. It,  he had several weeks to get them done until it was time to put all the totes back in storage. It didn't take him long at all, but with his schedule, we have to set aside a couple of weeks anyway. All he needed to do was build some simple, sturdy shelves to house all the totes. With a few 2 x 4's  and a couple sheets of plywood, the shelves were done in plenty of time before it was time to pack them all away.

I am now all organized in the "furnace" room, and....

I LOVE to be organized!!  

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