Monday, December 9, 2013

Sometimes simple is best, inexpensive ways to add holiday charm to your home

I'm always looking for simple decorating ideas for my home that I can incorporate things that I already have, and I ran across these ideas that I think are so pretty. I just love simple décor and this is an inexpensive way to have a beautiful holiday home!

I love ironstone, I have a few pieces myself and I'm always looking for ideas on how to display them for the holidays. Inexpensive greenery, a few Christmas bulbs and a couple of glittery picks that can be found at any craft shop are used in this display.

A clear glass vase can easily be glammed up for the holidays. Silver bells or a metallic beaded rope along with a candle makes it festive for Christmas.

Another ironstone pitcher filled with evergreen along with a couple of silver pieces, I love this.

Four pots filled with moss and a white candle, so easy, and these letters can be found at the craft store as well. Cardboard ones are easy to paint, I would use a metallic paint.

I love the look of wreaths hanging in windows! These are so pretty just tied with a simple ribbon. Hmmmm.

If you decorate your home in a rustic or country style you can wrap inexpensive Styrofoam balls with strips of fabric and add some craft twine to hang them from your tree. If you have more traditional décor you could use satin ribbon or plaid fabric.

A couple of twigs painted white, you can also get cardboard stars from the craft store and paint them, they already have the string attached to hang.
Paint the tips of pinecones white, add a couple of candles and you have a nice holiday arrangement!

Large gallon jars make great decorations too, fill them with greenery (I'm not too sure this wouldn't catch fire, but you could fill them about 1/4 of the way up with sugar, aka, snow, and set the candles on that. Tie with craft twine and add a couple of pinecones. I love how simple this looks.

Now that I have my home all decorated I want to more after finding these ideas. If I have time I may add a couple of these ideas, I do have most of the stuff already. I love decorating for Christmas, I just always think and find these great ideas to share with you after my decorating is done! I have to get on the ball and start real early next year!

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  1. Anonymous8:35:00 PM

    All of this calls to me in its simplicity. Love it all!


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