Tuesday, December 3, 2013

My fashion post for the week:)

I thought I would squeeze this post in today and show you what I found at Target while I was Christmas shopping. I wasn't shopping for myself but that usually is the case, when I'm not looking I do find something that I love and when I saw this flannel shirt (who doesn't love flannel??) I had to have it to bomb around in.

It goes with my army green winter coat that I showed you awhile back and it will look great with my boots:)

It's a man's flannel but I just loved the color, army green and red, I got it in a large (which is a little big but thought it would shrink, it didn't, of course:) the medium fit me perfect but it left a gap when I moved my arms cuz boys don't have boobies;) So, I had to get the large. No problem, I still love it!
I know I will wear this to death this winter, and it was only $20.00

I wear it with my straight leg jeans

And my booties:)

Carry my leather purse

And throw on my silver bracelet and I'm good to go!

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