Friday, December 6, 2013

My early Christmas present:)


For the first time since we moved into this house I finally got icicle my lights for the front porch! I guess we just never got around to it before because the weather was bad or we just kept forgetting to measure to see how much we needed, ran out of time, whatever the reason, it just never got done.   
When I told my husband that's all I wanted for Christmas this year, we went and bought the lights the same day.........and we didn't measure for them, we just bought what we thought we'd need.......he had to go back for another strand:)


I also put out a couple of small trees, pre-lit with white lights. These belonged to my mother-in-law and I thought they would look cute sitting by the front door. I set the trees inside the pots that housed our huge ferns this summer and
I had some burlap from years ago that I used for many different things, so I just stuck that in the pot to hide the fact that I had to put a few 2x4's in the bottom of the pot so the trees sat up nice and high.

I have had that door swag for years and the glittery gold Merry Christmas sign came from Hobby Lobby, I bought it last year on clearance for $7.00.

The large Santa was a gift from my mother-in-law a few years ago. She gave us her small one that she had when her kids were little and that one sits by our Christmas tree. I think she thought we needed a bigger one to set outside:)

I love hanging fresh garland outside, I love how it drapes along the sides and frames the door.

I love how it turned out, warm and welcoming, just like the inside!


  1. Anonymous5:56:00 PM

    I'm surprised you don't have people lined up at your door, knocking to come in! So warm and inviting, your entrance. Job well done, GF!

  2. Thanks Nancy, getting in the Christmas spirit:)


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