Saturday, December 28, 2013

Finding a few after Christmas bargains!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, enjoying time with family and friends. We had a quiet Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, just me and my husband. We had our traditional Oyster Stew and finished off the evening watching Christmas movies by the light of the Christmas tree and fireplace sipping a glass of wine, very relaxing after the hustle and bustle of all the shopping. On Christmas day we exchanged our gifts to each other and then went to a couple of movies. I really do enjoy those times with the hubby since he travels a lot. 
Tomorrow we get together for our Christmas with family that we have here in Ohio, then we will travel back to Iowa to celebrate Christmas with friends and family there. 

Friday I went shopping with my daughter, just looking for a few post holiday bargains. The day after Christmas was total chaos with all of the after Christmas shoppers, but if you wait you miss out, and we really didn't have any issues until we went into the Gap. I really was hoping to just find a few more longer tops to wear with my leggings and maybe a pair of black boots. The Gap was having an additional 50% off already lowered prices! I usually don't shop at Gap stores but what the heck! Well, I found some really great light weight sweaters that were long enough to cover my hiney when wearing my leggings. I was so excited, I have been having a hard time finding tops long enough, if I could have I would have bought one in every color but the sizes were pretty picked over. I ended up getting a cream colored v-neck, and a gray one. They also had turtlenecks in the same style so I bought a tan one to wear with my brown leggings. 

The line at the checkout was crazy, and of course there was only one person working the registers, if I didn't love the sweaters so much I would have thought twice because we waited a good while in line. Anyway, I was happy and the rest of the shopping trip wasn't bad at all, no more long lines.

My hunt for black boots didn't go as well, I just couldn't find what I wanted (I wanted them all:)

These are the sweaters that I bought only I got one in cream and one in gray. Love them!

This is the turtleneck that I found, in this very color. All these sweaters are longer than what they appear in these photos, so they are perfect for wearing with leggings. The v-necks were on sale for $10.00, the turtleneck was $15.00!! How can you not get a couple?

A few weeks ago I ran across super long t-shirts, and at $10.00 a piece, I had to get a black one and a white one, you can always use them. I always have plenty of black and white t-shirts on hand, short sleeve in the summer and long sleeve for fall and winter. And even though I'm not a big fan of layering, I can wear them under my new v-neck sweaters! Plus, they just look nice with a slim pair of pants and a big bulky scarf!

Today Rick and I went to Kohl's to exchange some clothes that I bought him for Christmas and when I passed the shoe section (it always happens when I'm NOT looking for myself) I found the cutest pair of black boots! They were on sale for $50.00, but with the $20.00 Kohl's cash I earned when I 
bought Rick's clothes, they only cost $30.00. Had to have em:)

So, I will pair my new sweaters with a pair of leggings, some boots, a scarf, and a statement bracelet and I'm good to go!


  1. Anonymous8:37:00 AM

    Lots of basic pieces, and on sale; nothing better than that! I really like your boots, too. You and I like so much of the same things. :)

  2. I am beginning to think that we have a lot of things in common!


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