Friday, November 22, 2013

Update on the French Chair........I'm getting there:)

Well, I am a bit overwhelmed again! The holidays are fast approaching and I have done NOTHING! You know, I didn't even decorate my porch for fall. That is the first time since we moved into this house almost 8 years ago that I didn't have beautiful Mums sitting on my front porch:( I am really sad about that, but I think I was just so busy with the basement and getting everything back in order before my guests arrived in October. After they left, I just fell into a heap and laid there for awhile!

Today I worked on the French chair and let me tell you, upholstering isn't for the faint of heart!!! Maybe it's just because it's my first time doing such an extensive reupholster (and it's not even that extensive!) or could it be that I'm a bit of a perfectionist? Whatever, I did get a lot done on it today, I was working in between making my husbands favorite soup (ham & bean), laundry, and my online computer class:)

I am loving this chair so far, and I think I'm doing a pretty good job, my only fear is that I'm not getting the staples in far enough. It takes a lot of staples and muscle behind it. I had to use the standard stapler because my awesome little electric one that my husband bought me couldn't put the staples in close enough to the edges where they needed to go, so I'm muscling it.

This teeny tiny area was the hardest part to cover on this chair! You'd think it would be the easiest, but to keep it from puckering up was a nightmare!

The seat turned out really well, no puckers and much easier to staple once I got the hang of it.

I have the back piece in, there is a cushioned piece that fits right over it that I haven't gotten to yet. This is what it looks like from the front of the chair.

And this is what it looks like from the back, I love it:)

You can see all the staples that it takes to keep the fabric in place. When I'm finished upholstering it I will buy some trim to cover those areas up.

The areas around the arms were tricky, and I hope I did it right!

I had to stop for the day, I am getting a blister from pushing the staple gun, and I had to write in my blog to tell you about and show you my progress!

I do have to tack all of the staples in with a tack hammer to make sure they are in really well, and I have to do a little more trimming to make sure the decorative trim that I choose covers the edges well. Then it will be finished! Wonder if I'll be able to sell it?!

My Computer class update

Ok, so I'm showing off a little bit now:)

Just a little note to let you know how my online computer classes are going, AWESOME! I am learning a lot, even though I've only had 4 lessons so far and they take only about an hour each, for about 3 days a week. I already knew a lot of what we've covered so far but I'm learning how to navigate the computer better and a lot of shortcuts! I can never wait until the next class, that's a good sign:)

You never know, I might be getting fancier with my text font, the sky's the limit!!

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