Monday, November 11, 2013

One big reason why I have been less than motivated to post on my blog is.......

I have to confess that one of the reasons I haven't been very motivated about writing in my blog is the lack of computer knowledge. Oh sure, I can send emails, shop online, write blogs etc. but when it comes to knowing my computer and all the amazing things it can do, I am clueless.

One of my problems was I started loosing my photos on my blog. A lot of the pictures that I posted of my projects had disappeared! It is a long story but to give you a rundown the problem was that I wanted to be able to write blogs and post pictures from my ipad and my iphone, so I joined Google+ and collected all my pictures on there, which was the only way I could download photos from those two devices. As far as I knew anyway! I posted all of my projects on Google+ to keep them separate from my personal photos. Since I'm not tech savvy, it was just easier for me to do. Then I decided to start deleting photos from Google+ because I thought I had limited photo storage, I wanted to get rid of pictures I didn't need anymore to make room for more. I thought I had everything figured out and was so happy! But then, I noticed that my photos started to disappear on my blog, so I checked and they were the same photos that I had downloaded to Google+!!! I was so upset, all my work literally down the drain. I got so &^%* upset and just started deleting posts. My lesson was to NOT delete photos from Google+ that I had posted to my blog.

From that point on I got so frustrated with my lack of technology I decided what's the point. It took the wind right out of my sails. I don't know how many posts I deleted but they were projects that I had done and posted and they were the ones I was most proud of. Now I only download all my blog photos on my large computer, but the fact remains that my work can no longer be seen, I have to basically start from scratch.

This has been awhile ago, if you are a follower and had favorite posts and can't find them........that's why..........they're gone.

So you will have to bare with me, I am going to repost some of those photos and tell their story all over again! I don't think I have that many, not sure how many photos I have left:( But I have to post them if I want to join some of these Blog parties to get some exposure, and I need to have those photos on my blog to do so.

You will see repeats once in a while, I will sneak them in between other posts, just until I can get them all back on here! Sorry about this, but it was a lesson learned!

And to prevent this from happening again (I hope) I just signed up for online classes on how to USE MY COMPUTER!! No more will I be technically challenged, or computer ignorant (I hope)! You'd think I would have done this long ago, but I thought I had this. I will be taking a series of computer classes until I learn everything I need to learn. My goal is to learn how to download videos to add to my blog to show you tutorials on projects. I have Photoshop that I know can do amazing things with my photos and I want to learn how to use that to it's fullest. I would love to make art with my Photoshop and all the other things this computer can do.

Anyway, my class starts on Wednesday...........we will see how much I improve.....I hope:)


  1. Anonymous5:37:00 PM

    Atta girl, Rhonda!!

  2. I am excited about this! I hope I learn a lot!


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