Thursday, November 7, 2013

My slump is over?!? Cute little side table will make some little girl so happy:)

It's been awhile since I've posted anything, mainly because I didn't have much to write about and also because I haven't been very motivated! No reason, just think I'm burned out a bit, but I really can't afford to be burned out, I have so much to do!

I have had projects sitting around here for months but I just couldn't get myself in gear to do anything. It's time I get them done and then I can get lazy! Haha! It's just be something else!

I have several things that I want to sell on Etsy and it's the perfect time..........before the holidays.

I finished a little table that has been sitting in my office all summer. I started it in the spring I think, and I would work on it from time to time. It was one that I had in my home as a little side table but I didn't need it any more so I decided to paint it up for a little girls room and sell it on Etsy.

When I bought this little table I just used it to set a lamp on in the sunroom

I liked it because it was a bit rustic looking, I painted it antique white and it suited me just fine, but if I were to paint it to sit in a little girls room I had to make it look prettier so I removed the veneer that was a bit damaged

And I filled in all the nail holes and cut marks that were in the top of the table. I filled them with Dap and sanded it down

It did a great job of filling them in

This table has a cute little pull out for writing on:)

 Now it was ready to paint:

First I gave the whole thing a fresh coat of Antique White, then I started the fun part! I chose to paint flowers on the top to serve as a little "doily" to sit a little lamp on. I made a video of the whole process to show how anyone can do this, if I learn how to post them to my blog I would be in 7th heaven:(

What I did was print off the design from the computer (normally I would just draw it myself but this was suppose to show you how YOU could do it if you are the one who declares they can't draw a straight line:) Then I found the placement on the table and used carbon paper to draw the design on. The next step is to paint it, simple really, and I hope to learn how to upload videos so I can actually show the process.

I think it turned out so cute!

I also painted flowers on the second shelf so it didn't look so plain

I just use craft paint to paint my design

I think some little girl will be happy to have this cute little table sitting next to her bed.......what do you think?


  1. Love the colors displayed here!! Thanks for showing how you did that, as now I have a clue!! Again, Love it!!

  2. No problem Kim! That's why I do this..............I would love to help others find their creativity!!

  3. Adorable makeover! I have one of those tables sitting underneath my basement steps - you just inspired me to wipe off the dust and do something with it. I found you over at the Furniture Feature Friday Party.

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  5. Thanks Marie! One of my favorite things to do is to paint children's furniture and murals. I have done several murals for my grand children's rooms

  6. Anonymous7:58:00 AM

    I wish I had a place for that table in my home, Rhonda! It's darling! I'm also happy you've got your mojo back; I've missed reading your blog. :)

  7. Thanks Nancy:) I know, I think I just got burnt out a bit and needed to take a break:) I think I'm ready to go again though. What about you, I miss reading your blog as well:)


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