Monday, October 21, 2013

Time with my girlfriends! What could be better?

Well, things have died down for me at last, as you know my husband and I had been working hard trying to get our basement "company" ready. I don't think we even had time to take a breath for the last two weeks before our guests arrived, and now, the basement work is at a stand still as we try to decide what our next step is. The basement bathroom, now we have to decide on tile, fixtures etc. and get started.

But first I must share with you the great weekend I had with my five amazing Iowa friends! As I have explained in past posts, I have a group of girls that come out to see me every October, something that has been ongoing for I don't even know how many years! Time goes so fast, but I do know that since my husband and I moved to Ohio from Iowa nearly 20 years ago, these friends have been here to visit us, whether it be in a group or with husbands and we always have such a great time.

I must say that I do wait on them hand and foot! It's the least I can do for the long drive they must endure to get here! But seriously, I love it. It gives me a chance to cook, which I love to do (for a crowd) and I'm always making dishes that I don't otherwise eat. This year I made home made Banana Nut bread, Crème Brulee French toast, home made Cheezy Manicotti served with Foccacia bread and olive oil for dipping. And for dessert, Pumpkin Crunch topped with whip cream. I NEVER eat like this and believe me, my fresh banana and turkey sandwich tasted good to me today! My tummy thanked me:/

We never sit very long while they're here, I am always anxious to take them places. In years past we did a lot of junking, and we did hit a few shops this year, but I think we have all decided that we just don't need any more junk and we don't need any more projects to do. We did relax and saw a movie, shopped at a couple of malls and then met my daughter and grandchildren for dinner on Friday night. Our kids grew up together so my daughters are always happy to see them while they are here.

Saturday morning we dodged the rain and went to Columbiana, Ohio to the Christmas in the Woods festival. Lots and lots of vendors come here to sell their home made wares two weekends a month in October. The weather held out although it was a bit chilly, but it was just nice walking through the woods while the leaves were gently falling from the trees. Great ambiance:) Of course I couldn't help but take a few pictures for memories sake!

Lunch at what has become our favorite little restaurant after a morning of junking

Christmas in the Woods Festival

Lots of stuff to see, where do you start!

Hot cocoa break

A cocktail and a chat with my hubby (at the finished bar:) before we warmed up with a bowl of hot Chili

Our annual group picture! I think we decided this year that we should probably start taking our group photo on the day they get here instead of 6:30 am on the morning they have to leave!!

The time they spend here flies by so fast, and there's always so many places I want to take them, which makes the time go by even faster. I can never have enough time with these ladies, my best friends forever:)


  1. Especially grateful for your friendship all these years and many more to come!!! We have the best friendship a group could ever ask for!!!

  2. I agree Deb, I am blessed with the best friends a girl could have!


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