Friday, October 4, 2013

My search for the perfect rug has come to an end!!

Good morning everyone! What a glorious sunshiny fall morning, this is my favorite time of year. I love the cooler weather and the crispness of the morning air and the beautiful colors that come along with all that:)

Since I have been working so hard on getting our own home in order and not being very creative, I thought I would at least share some not so creative stuff.

If you have read past posts concerning my hunt for a rug for our great room, you'll know what a tough time I was having finding the perfect one with out mortgaging the house to do so. And maybe you don't know this about me but, I am always telling my husband to buy what you want, don't settle, because more times than not you will end up spending more money in the long run. Well, that's what happened with me and my search for a rug. Last year, in my desperate attempt to find a rug, I settled for one that, although I loved it, it was way too small. We lived with his small rug for a year and about two months ago I decided I couldn't live with it any more. So my search resumed, again I scoured the web looking for the right size, color, and softness that I wanted. I was very close to getting a sisal rug but my kids protested, "You can't get s rough rug for the living area," they said, "it has to be soft!" My thought was that with a natural fiber rug I could change color in my living space at any time, I didn't want to be married to a color, but I'm all about the softness underfoot so I did agree with them. I love laying on the floor and sisal just wouldn't be comfy.

Well, I bit the big one and went to The Pottery Barn site and low and behold, I found the PERFECT rug! It was a little more than I wanted to spend but I sent away for a sample so I could check the color. I sat and waited for what seemed like an eternity for my sample to arrive, and when it did it was the wrong color. Sooooo, I called Pottery Barn to see how I was to return it for the color I wanted. These samples are $25.00 but that comes off the cost if you do end up buying one, ok but they don't offer a sample in the color I wanted! I asked her how was I suppose to order a rug without a sample? The lady was so helpful, she went out of her way to find the rug in their inventory so she could try to explain the colors to me. Then she said that if I ordered the rug and it was the wrong color, I could return it at no cost to me, so I took her name and extension number so I would be certain that her promised was honored. She was so confused as to why they didn't offer samples in my chosen color, since this rug was an online purchase only.

Anyway, I got my rug Tuesday, and although the main color of the rug is more of a sage green than an olive, there are tiny bits of brown that look very much like the color of my couch, and I think it's going to work! I love it, the colors are soft, the rug is super soft on the bare feet and the size is perfect! Done, I am done with this search, and I think this rug will last me awhile. It's wool and very sturdy and lush. Now, if I would have just bit the bullet earlier, I could have saved the money I spent on the rug I "settled" for. Guess I should take my own advice!

By the way, my grand kids came over with their dad to help me lift the couch back in place and the first thing they did was throw themselves on the rug declaring how soft it was! I'm glad I didn't "settle" for sisal!

PS---I have to add that after all was said and done the hubby asked me why I tried to match the rug to the couch when he thinks it's time for a new couch:/  Gotta love em!

This is the rug I bought last year that was just too small

This is the new rug, subtle green and cream with a small amounts of color that goes well with our sofa

I love the pattern, I didn't want too much pattern or dark colors

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