Thursday, October 3, 2013

Getting those long ignored things done!

I haven't been writing in my blog lately because, quite frankly, I haven't been doing anything that would be interesting to read! This year has been a very hectic one to say the least, and we have been gone a lot. So many things have been ignored and now, we are spending time catching up on all those things we have neglected.

We painted the house this spring but never got the trim done, I am hoping for just two nice days to get that job finished. My flower gardens were in much need of attention so I finished the last one yesterday, just clipping back and raking the debris out. My hope next year is to redo a couple, after awhile they just don't look as pretty as they did the first couple of years.

We have finished the bar this year, and I am now painting all the trim that never got hung and I am just about finished with that.

We cleaned the room out in the basement that will be a future bathroom and that will be our winter project. We bought and will install the toilet next weekend so at least we will have a bathroom close while we are relaxing or enjoying a movie, it's a pain to pause the TV and run all the way upstairs to relieve ourselves. Besides, now that Ricky's bar is finished, it will be nice to have close facilities!

The funny thing about all this is, seven years ago when we built this house we thought that our weekends spent working on a house were finished! Little did we know that we would have such grand plans for the basement. But we love it and can't wait to entertain in our new space.

In two weeks five of my very best friends from Iowa will be here to spend about four days with us so I have been busy this week washing and ironing curtains, washing windows, scrubbing floors, and getting my deep cleaning done. If I could have waited a couple of weeks my home would be ready for Halloween, my cobwebs had cobwebs! . They certainly don't care what my house looks like but it is a great motivation to get things done! I need them to come visit at least twice a year:)

I am beyond thrilled that my husband has been spending all his free weekends to get all of this stuff done. When he's in the mood, I stop whatever I'm doing to help him. I know he would love nothing more than to just sit on the weekends and enjoy the games in his new man cave! But then again, he can't sit still.

So, for now, my posts will be few until I get back into the swing of things. Goodness knows I have a shed full of stuff to do!

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