Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Welcome to Ricky's bar!!

Before I finished painting the ceiling grid today, I hung some of our pictures on the walls around the bar. It will always be something we will add to, since we want everything down here to represent our life and our travels. So I hung as many as I could for now, we have to do some rearranging to make good use of the walls behind the bar. Truth is, my hubby wants to hang everything up, like.....EVERYTHING! He took it upon himself to bring home his father's collection of shot glasses and he wants to hang a few narrow shelves to showcase them. What can I say? It's going to be challenging and I also told him that he was going to be the one to dust this stuff when the time comes:)

I love that we have a ceiling! I can't believe how nice it looks with a ceiling! This space is looking just like the vision I had when I designed this space. I wanted the feeling of an Old English Pub, with the break-away brick wall, dark ceiling and the ambience created by light choices and dimmers. When we were planning the basement design, I wanted to use wood planks on the ceiling, 1 x 6's stained and sealed. But my husband reminded me that we needed to have access to everything behind the ceiling, so my bubble was burst. I did NOT want ceiling tiles but that was our only option, so I decided to paint them, a white ceiling was not going to work. There really isn't a whole lot I won't do to achieve the look that I want! Once I get something in my head I will make it happen. Even if it means painting ceiling grid and tiles.

Then it came to the ceiling area directly above the bar, we wanted tin ceiling, so we went to the big box stores and priced just enough to fill an 8' x 10' space. At over $200.00, that wasn't going to happen either, and it wasn't even tin, it was plastic! Again my bubble was burst, temporarily..............I went home and started searching online for affordable tin ceiling tiles. I found a website that sold real tin ceiling tiles for half the price of the plastic ones we priced at Home Depot!

This basement was a space where I could just let my imagination go! Every room down here is decorated in some way, whether it's stenciled or hand painted, I had fun with it. And my hubby is over-the-top happy with how it turned out! I gave him the liberty of decorating the family room how ever he wanted, after all, it is his MAN-CAVE!

Besides putting in the bathroom, we still have some detail work to finish up, like finishing the trim work around the doors, but that's something that we can knock out pretty fast now. We also have to put the brass kick bar on the base of the bar, it's pretty cool, we bought an antique brass bar with brass brackets that we will fasten to the bottom of the bar to rest our feet on. I was asked to post pictures of the faux painting treatment I used on the walls and part of the ceiling so I decided to just take pictures to show you how lovely it looks with the new ceiling tiles!

We need to move this large Miller light to the other wall because Rick wants to put a mirror here on this wall.

You can see the tin ceiling tile here, we are waiting on a few pieces to fill in the areas along that wall in the back. We also have to add the silver tape to the grill, that will make a big difference.

Missing tile pieces

The ceiling above the pool table..... it looks sooo nice! I sure wish our pool table was Green Bay green.....the blue isn't doing much for the space:(

And of course, Rick's Packer Country sign is hung so everyone will see it!

Long shot of the bar, the new ceiling, and my faux painting

Here's a close up:)

It is our wish to display things in the basement that has to do with our almost 40 years of marriage, family and travels. Rick picked the entertainment unit and coffee table that you see here, I think he did a great job!

More of the faux paint treatment. You can see where we need to add the trim around the doors.

Our salute to our beloved home state of Iowa! Gravel roads, corn fields, and a barn that says R & R Farm since 1974. I want to elaborate on this someday, I need to add a few things:)

A wall hanging from Punta Cana, a large wine sign that I made, and a cloth banner we brought back from Napa Valley are just a few things we have to hang up.

I wish I could capture the ambience that is down here. It's a dark, warm space that is just plain cozy......just the way we like it!

It's going to be fun now, just adding personal things to this space that mean so much to Rick and I. We will so enjoy entertaining our friends and family in a space that truly has been a labor of love!


  1. Anonymous7:30:00 AM

    Rhonda, I am blown away by that bar and man cave! My favorite feature is the break-away brick. Good call on painting the ceiling tiles, even though it was a lot of work. The end result has to make you happy!
    Congratulations on a job well done, my friend! Have fun putting in those last few touches. :)

  2. Thanks Nancy! Of course it's my passion to create & paint and it's comments like yours that makes it all worth the time & effort:) I am seriously ready to move on to a different project, and as soon as we tweak this I'm going to do just that!

  3. Anonymous8:39:00 AM

    Love it and can't wait to sit there in a couple of weeks. Can't wait. Nice job. Your whole house is beautiful.

  4. We should have some great times next month when we "belly up" to the bar!!! Can't wait Rhonda and you have created such a wonderful area!!! <3 you!!


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