Saturday, June 29, 2013

Our visit to West End Architectural Salvage!

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I couldn't NOT tell you about a recent trip we made back to Iowa for our grandson's high school graduation ceremony. We had a wonderful time visiting with friends and acquaintances we hadn't seen in a while and it was bittersweet as well because it was just hard to believe that they grow up so fast and here we are, again, celebrating another grandchild's graduation! Crazy how time flies.

This was a quick trip, a very quick trip....we got there Friday and left again on Monday, but these days we always take our time. Our trips back to Iowa in one full swoop have ended several years back, now we make the drive part of the vacation. We stop at least once in LeClaire, Iowa or in Shipshewana, IN, or anywhere that we think we just have to check out!

On this trip we decided to try to visit West End Architectural Salvage in Des Moines, Iowa, as long as we were that close. We started watching the show because that's what I'm all about.........repurposing, refinishing, and repainting! And it boggles my mind what they come up with as far as what to do with all their parts and pieces!

Here is just a portion of what we saw:
Just click on any of the pictures if you want to enlarge to take a closer look:)

My husband fell in love with this wine holder! Very cool!
And very large:)

Any style light fixture you can think of hanging from the ceilings!

I'm sure they have whatever it is your looking for and then some

Great tables, some come in like this, others they make from found objects

If you watch the show, you will remember this chair that the men painted up for Don to put in his office! It's iridescent! For sale:)

My pictures don't even do justice to what's in here. I was being sneaky because I wasn't sure I was allowed to take photos.

This was the top floor, mostly architectural salvage parts are sold up here. They keep their beautiful creations on the first and second floors.

If you need porch balusters, newel posts or whatever, they have them

The back of the shop, in the parking area is where you will find Hal Davis creating his pieces. He was back there working, if you can see him in this picture!

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We even got to talk to Don Short, the owner, to find out where all the stuff comes from. Very personable guy and unlike Antique Archeology, these guys are there, at the shop, running around like chicken's with their heads cut off and creating one of a kind pieces from all of their architectural salvage pieces that are strewn all over the warehouse. Five stories full of lusciousness, absolutely beautiful stuff, and it's all for sale! Well, they do a lot of custom work and a mirror that my hubby loved was already spoken for:)

Mr. Short tells us that he gets truck loads of stuff everyday from all over the country. He showed us a beautiful mirror ( and you know how much I love mirrors!) that they made out of pieces of a building that came from New York City.

I highly recommend you take a Saturday and just pay them a visit, it will be well worth your while!

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