Saturday, June 15, 2013

My litte Pennsylvania Dutch chest is done!

Thank goodness for rainy days!! If it would have been nice today I would had to mow the lawn instead of doing something fun!

Yesterday I spent all day cleaning and finished that up this morning so I could get back at this little chest. It only took me about an hour total to finish it, that's usually the way it goes though, it's just taking the time to get at stuff.

All I had to do to it was distress and antique it but I loved how it turned out. I don't think the pictures do it justice at all. I actually got this done on Thursday but had to wait for a sunny day so the colors in the pictures were true.

I love painting these boxes, I have tried to paint in different styles but I always come back to these, Pennsylvania Dutch designs. They are simple yet very intricate designs that just appeal to me I guess. I have painted many of these over the years and have sold them to local shops here in Ohio.

My technique is simple, I have pattern books that I get ideas from and I put the patterns together myself. Pennsylvania Dutch chests can be very gaudy and colorful but over the years the colors just mute themselves that look better over time. I use basic colors that they would have used back when they used to paint them, trying to "mute" the colors to what they would look like today, many years later. After I'm finished painting, I distress it and add an antiquing of some sort over the whole thing to make it look years old. 


  1. Anonymous5:22:00 PM

    I love it. LOVE it. You have a gift, girl!


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