Wednesday, May 29, 2013

My one-of-a-kind corner cupboard is finished!

Again, we stopped at my favorite Primitive shop in Shipshewana, Indiana to see what new pieces they had, and low and behold I found something I couldn't live without! This unique corner cupboard, it's one-of-a-kind............and that's what I love!

I knew exactly where I wanted to put it but I wasn't sure it would fit, I wasn't really going to buy anything! I just crossed my fingers and hoped it'd work. I had a small corner cupboard in the spot where I wanted this to go but it was to small for the space, actually it was just too short.

But, again, the color was wrong so I had to repaint it to match my decor. It doesn't take me long when it's something that just needs to be painted and distressed a little. I wish all my projects were this easy!

I painted it my signature Antique White:) and distressed it just a bit

It offers me storage for extra knick-knacks

It needed some candle lights to brighten up the darker area

I love one-of-a-kind pieces of furniture!

This piece is more in keeping with all my other furniture, large and in charge! I think this home demands large furniture pieces because of it's open floor plan. For me, fewer large pieces are more appealing than lots of smaller ones and they definitely make more of a statement! This corner cupboard fits this space better than the smaller one did and I am so glad it fit, wasn't sure but it JUST made the cut!

I thought I would post pictures of the entertainment unit that was built by the same man. We bought this piece a couple of years ago and it is certainly a conversation piece! 


This is what we did to make it work for our home. I love it because it takes up that whole large wall in the great room.


  1. Anonymous8:26:00 PM

    Gorgeous pieces in your home, Rhonda! So glad the corner cabinet worked; it actually looks like it was built in there.

  2. Thanks Nancy! I actually wasn't sure if it would fit but I was determined.......I would have found a home for it!


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