Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Little boy's desk idea!

Regardless of how it may seem, I have been very creative lately and I think our vacation helped get my juices flowing. I was in a slump and I think my slump is gone. so that explains why I haven't been blogging much lately. I have been filling my days working on three separate projects, in between cleaning, babysitting and junking (that's another story!) There's a rainy day project in my basement, a sunshiney, warm day project out in my garage, so depending on the weather is what I work on that particular day. I can't wait until the weather stays nice so I can actually go out and work in the shed, that's where I love to do most of my projects.
So the porch project is finished and while I was junking yesterday I did notice people shopping for and planting flowers, so, soon I can go get some flowers to add much needed color to our porch.
Two more projects left to finish and I will share one with you today.

Picture this desk in baby blue, ratty looking with crystal knobs in each drawer pull hole. A friend of my daughter's gave it to me because her husband wanted it out of their garage. Her plan was to paint it for one of her son's but just never found the time. My daughter told her I would take it off her hands  because that's what I do!

A lot of times all I need to do is look at a piece and know what it needs to be! The vision I had for this desk as soon as I saw it was a football! It was meant to be painted with a sports theme and what else but the Cleveland Browns because it has to be sold locally. 
I tried without luck to post a "before" picture but I can't find it on my photo stream to post it. It's in my photos but it doesn't show up when I try to post a photo to my blog for some reason. Ya gotta love technology, this has never happened before, just know that this little desk was a mess. All I did was clean it good Nd give it several coats of primer before I could paint it. Now
all I need to do is outline the "Browns" with a thin white line and do a little tweaking, add the new handles and it will be finished. 
I think it will make some little boy happy!

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  1. Anonymous7:52:00 AM

    This is amazing, Rhonda! It will make some boy/man very happy!


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