Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Easy DIY art on inexpensive art canvas

I don't know how many times I've heard, "You are so creative, I couldn't even draw a straight line if I wanted too." And my response is always, "You would surprise yourself if you just let go." Art is in the eye of the is so objective, what one person views as art, another may view as anything but! I know what you're thinking.....that everyone would think the later if you created art and hung it on your walls! It doesn't matter what other people think, if you create something that you absolutely love, you should be proud and display it. I try so hard to encourage people to create art for their home.............but they don't, they don't believe they can do it. I guess if someone told me I could change the oil in my car I would think they were nuts too! But....I am here to show you a few ideas that ANYONE can do. And it's fun, you could even have your children/grandchildren help you. Lets CREATE!

Here are a few great ideas on how to create art on inexpensive art canvas:

Take a canvas, glue letters on it and paint it white or whatever color your heart desires!
Ahem, now how easy is that?! You can find great quotes online or use your favorite line from a movie or book.

 Now don't be intimidated but this black and white piece involves a brush! Paint the canvas whatever color you want for the base coat. Choose another color for the design and DRY brush from the outside in, until you achieve the look you want. Easy Peasy!

This one involves "drawing" a picture on canvas using elmer's glue. Or you can draw geometric shapes if that would be easier or suite your decor better. Once the glue is dry, paint it any color you want, I love this white one!

Take a canvas and paint it, let it dry, then make geometric designs on it with, what else, duct tape! It comes in crazy colors and designs these days. Camo or Zebra print would look great in a little boys or girls room! But they have chrome duct tape too!!!

I love this idea too! Buy three canvases, paint them white or any color that goes with your decor, let them dry, then lay them side by side on the ground and take a paint bottle and drizzle paint in circular motions. You can add colors after each color has dried. Very abstract:)

Buy the flat canvases (not the ones stretched over a wooden frame, they are sold in the same section at your hobby shop). Find some leaves or flowers or whatever you want a picture of and lay it on the canvas. Using spray paint of your choice, just spray it..........not all of it, just hit the spray nozzle a couple of times so that you don't spray the whole canvas. Just spray until some areas around the flower etc. are covered to "frame" the flower. This leaves you with a border and when it dries you can frame them in some cute frames.........Ikea has frames for these kinds of things, but you can also buy inexpensive frames at Walmart. Or you can copy these exactly the way they are made here and buy some construction paper smaller than your canvas, lay the object on it and spray lightly (too much paint will buckle your paper, you just need a little to make your design show up) the whole thing and when it's dry, add a dab of glue in the middle of the picture and stick the picture in the center of the canvas. That way your pictures have a little dimension. Both are pretty easy to do, and your colors options are endless.

So there, that wasn't so bad was it? All you need to do is dig a little deeper to find your inner creativity!

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